Be Bike Safe

Summer in Calgary means more sunshine and more biking (hooray!). Did you know that in 2013, 1,876 bikes were reported stolen across the city?  According to, the majority of thefts are never reported. 

So, to help get the message out and to promote safe bike practices we are reminding people of the best ways to not get your bike stolen. Here are a few common-sense tips:

• Buy the best lock you can afford. It takes less than 30 seconds to cut a cheap U-bolt lock with a pair of bolt cutters, metal saw or just a hammer, and cable locks are not recommended except for use as secondary locks. The Kryptonite New York Standard is favoured by many bike sites. Ask your bike shop which lock is best for your bike. 

• Lock your bike in busy, well-lit places. 

Use Your Lock Properly

• Always lock the frame and the wheel to the rack. Some experts recommend using a second lock for the back wheel. Two locks require two tools, and that discourages most thieves. 

• Make sure that the pole to which you lock the bike is too high for a thief to simply lift it over the top. 

• Locks placed too close to the ground are easier to attack with tools. 

Register and Report Your Bike

• A registered bike discourages thieves, who see the registration sticker and will often look for an easier target. is Canada’s national bicycle database and registration is free. Should it be stolen, registration is your best chance of getting your bike returned.