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— More City. More Life.

East Village inspires, surprises, challenges and excites. It’s a real, unvarnished city neighborhood with all the diversity and dynamism to be considered among the continent’s best evolving urban spaces.


You’ll find the familiar and the exceptional in this singular neighbourhood — everything from architectural icons to necessary groceries, celebrity-chef prepared cuisine to practical bike lanes, all in a human-scale and friendly community.

As Calgarians, both seasoned and new, increasingly embrace and desire an inner-city lifestyle, the character of East Village resonates. The neighbourhood is colourful, sophisticated, hip, gritty, delicious, vibrant, and serene, as only a true city neighbourhood can be.

Now more than halfway through the East Village revitalization project, aspiring residents have a variety of options to make their home here, whether living independently as empty nesters, or a modern family raising urban-dwelling kids. Home owners and renters. Budgets big and not-so-big.  


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Meet Joel, Genevieve, Oliver and Murphy

“We want to live in a place that feels exciting and alive, that fuels our creativity and love for nature and the urban lifestyle. A place that feels like where you might go for a holiday. A place that’s busy and alive but also quiet and relaxing when you need that, and we’ve found that here in East Village.”