St. Patrick’s Island



— Get in touch with your wild side

East Village is linked to St. Patrick’s Island – a revitalized 31-acre backyard for the neighbourhood – by the George C. King Bridge. Restored in a way that gives Calgarians a place to get in touch with nature amongst the concrete of the city, you could call this island a wild oasis.

31 acres of adventure & new experiences

You’ll find a fishing cove, naturalized wetlands, wooded areas with meandering pathways, a playground, and a hill that offers some of the best views in the city. There’s also a monumental public art installation, a completely accessible picnic area and an amphitheatre.

Island life is closer than you think

A popular place for events and programming throughout the year with a number of gathering places designed to host charity runs, live music, outdoor movies, markets and more! Plan your event at St. Patrick’s Island.