East Village attracts the neatest people and projects. Members of the creative class are drawn to the vitality of this place and the more who choose to do cool things here, the more that spirit and energy is enhanced. It’s a great cycle to be caught up in!

Platform Calgary (formerly Calgary Technologies Inc.) arrived in East Village in 2019 with office and shared work space in the Hillier Block which they’ve named ‘Platform Beta’. They will deliver several technology-focused programs there until they move into the 9th Avenue Parkade and Innovation Centre when the building is complete in 2020.

Platform collaborates and supports a large community that’s dedicated to growing and diversifying Calgary’s economy. They build shared prosperity by working to engage, activate and globalize Calgary’s innovation ecosystem - building upon our city’s potential to become a global hub for startups and innovation – focused on placemaking, acceleration and advocacy


Situated between the Central Library and Studio Bell, Platform will feature two main components to its remarkable architecture—the innovation centre and the parkade, with additional ground floor public spaces for all to enjoy.

The innovation centre

Two floors of the building will be full of thinkers, creators and makers as it will be home to Calgary’s most promising tech entrepreneurs at Platform. Now based in the Hillier Block, Platform is an innovative group and collective looking forward to expanding their facilities. They’re planning a school, resident investors and experts to foster and advise and a state-of-the-art maker space where drawings can be turned into prototypes and plans into products.

The project broke ground in December 2018 and is scheduled to be complete in fall 2020.

The parkade

While we have plenty of cars and commuters now, the parkade can be converted to residential or commercial use when there is less need for parking in the core. The building will feature 500+ parking stalls (including a handful of electric stalls) as well as plenty of bike parking, a ground-floor café and outdoor sport court.

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