Your Library

EV will be the home of the new Central Library, and it's time to re-write the book on what a library should offer. What do you think?

The new Central Library will look and feel very different than the one that 572,701 card-carrying library members access today, so the library board is surveying Calgarians until the end of August to find out how they see the future of this 100-year-old institution. The new central library will be located near City Hall in East Village.

In many cities, libraries are evolving into community hubs, gathering places where ideas are exchanged – and books only tell part of the story. “Technology is dramatically reshaping library use,” library board chair Jamie Niessen told the Calgary Herald. Technology is even reshaping the way the library is asking for input: an army of volunteers have fanned across the city, taking down survey opinions on iPads. You can input your thoughts online as well, at

Pencil and paper, of course, are also always welcome. Calgary has one of the highest number of members per capita of any library in North America, so the results of the survey will be as diverse as they are insightful. The library board is working toward a final library design by 2013, with an opening of the new library in 2017.