Kids and the City

Let’s face it. When most people think about city living, the term “kid-friendly” doesn’t always come to mind. But more and more, families are making the move to live closer to the action, where they can eat, shop, work and play – all within walking, biking and C-Train distance. Leading the charge is an adorable family of four who calls the Evolution condo “home”, proving that you don’t need a house in the suburbs to raise kids. Joel, Genevieve, Oliver and Murphy are living their best urban life, right in the center of all the arts, culture, events and vibrancy. Don’t take our word for it, though! Let Genevieve and Joel tell you why they love living in East Village with their littles.

When we tell people we live in a condo with two young children we’re usually met with raised eyebrows and the same sort of questions!

“How does that work?”

We like to say, it’s easier than you think.

We purchased our condo back in 2013 knowing we wanted to find a place that would not only be a smart investment, but also a beautiful, vibrant place to raise our family. It didn’t take long after moving in to realize we had made one of the best decisions ever. Any trade-offs we’ve had to make in terms of physical space is more than made up for with the expansive walkable areas, greenspaces and a commute-free lifestyle. And CMLC’s master plan for East Village is coming to life before our eyes, with new shops or initiatives, like the basketball court, popping up almost by the day.

“But the space? How do you fit your whole world into 900 square feet with children?”

The quick answer to this is minimalism and mindfulness. Taking stock of what you actually need in your life and what “sparks joy” as Marie Kondo would say. It’s a continual process of decluttering and organizing our lives to create a home we really enjoy living in and doesn’t feel cramped. And we have these talks with our kids too, helping them understand and appreciate which toys bring them the most happiness and which make sense to pass on to another kid to enjoy.

“And what about the backyard?”

We don’t have a fenced backyard because we live at the doorstep of one of the most beautiful and scenic spots in Calgary. With an actual beach, miles of bike paths, a vegetable garden, parks, shops, restaurants, coffee shops, our incredible new library, and transit options within steps of our front door. We’ve made a conscious decision to live fully where we are. 

We want to live in a place that feels exciting and alive, that fuels our creativity and love for nature and the urban lifestyle. A place that feels like where you might go for a holiday. A place that’s busy and alive but also quiet and relaxing when you need that, and we’ve found that here in East Village.

Here are some other reasons why East Village is a great neighbourhood for families!

  • Did you know that The Hat East Village has 24 three-bedroom rental suites that just started leasing? And daycare in the same building is coming soon!

  • Family-favourite places to explore like St. Patrick’s Island, Prince’s Island Park, Inglewood Bird Sanctuary, and Devonian Gardens are just a short walk, bike or C-Train ride away.

  • Both RedBloom Salon East Village and East Village Barbers offer kids’ haircuts.

  • Three designated CBE schools from K-12 are located within a 5km radius from East Village

    • Connaught School (K-6), Mount Royal School (7-9), Western Canada High School (10-12)

    • Plus, Calgary Arts Academy (Youth Campus) – a progressive public charter school teaching the Alberta curriculum through arts immersion – is a 10-minute walk from East Village, and is located in Calgary’s future Culture & Entertainment District.

  • When Loblaws opens in 2020, school lunch prep will be easier than ever!

  • There are countless programs for all ages and interests at the Central Library. Tot storytimes, LEGO Club, Virtual Reality Explorers, yoga and so much more.

  • Within a 1.3km radius, there are five family doctor’s offices accepting new patients.

  • It’s not far to get to the Repsol Sport Centre or Gray Family Eau Claire YMCA, both in close-by neighbouring communities. And the YMCA accepts bookings for birthday parties!

  • Lions, tigers and bears – oh my! The Calgary Zoo is just a 20-minute walk from the heart of East Village. And did you know that the Calgary Zoo offers day camps for PD Days, as well as spring and summer camps?

  • Living in EV means you’ll have your pick of pies for family pizza night. Panago is located in the base of the Verve condominium, and Domino’s, Without Papers, and Inglewood Pizza are all just minutes away.

  • Word on the street is that the Crossroads playground is one of the best in the city!



Brynn Parker