The Next Decade of Transformation in EV

For the past 5 weeks we’ve been sharing Throwback Thursday videos from East Village’s early days on Facebook and Twitter. We definitely got a kick out of how cheesy some of them are! Here are links to all 5 TBT videos in case you missed them.

TBT: 2009 EV Master Plan Animation
TBT: Behind the Master Plan
TBT: Who Is An Urban Explorer
TBT: Revitalizing A Neighbourhood
TBT: Imagining St. Patrick's Island

But this blast from the past wasn’t only to give us a laugh – we were celebrating the halfway mark in East Village’s revitalization by reflecting on our progress.

Calgary Municipal Land Corporation – EV’s Master Developer – began their work in 2007, and the community is scheduled for completion in 2027. We’ve sure changed a lot in a decade – you wouldn’t even recognize the East Village of today from the one 10 years ago.

Now that we’ve looked back, it’s time to set our sights forward again. What do the next 10 years have in store for East Village? We’ve pulled out our crystal ball to give you a glimpse into the future! Keep scrolling to see what’s yet to come for Calgary’s newest, oldest, coolest, warmest neighbourhood.

Cidex’s The Hat

ALT 2016.jpg
3rd Steet SE Improvement program.jpg

M2 by XYC Design + Development

Proposed M2 Commercial Development, by XYC Design+Development, urban edge along Confluence Way small.jpg
riocan animation still.png

The Riff Pedestrian Street & EVE Block

riff eve block.PNG