Curling on St. Patrick's Island

In the past month, have you asked yourself the question "Why do I live here?". Yep, that's Canadian winters for you. They're slushy, bitter and cold, and we often find ourselves wishing for an address change - preferably to Mexico.

But the truth is that we are proud of the frozen tundra we live in - and for good reason! There are so many things to love about Canadian winters. One of them? Curling. For some, this cherished Canadian sport is just the thing to take their mind off their numb toes. So we thought that this season, we'd offer a curling experience quite unlike the tournaments you watch on your screen at home. Enter 'Curling on the Island'.

At Confluence Plaza on St. Patrick's Island, our version of curling is different than the real thing, but every bit as fun. The single sheet of synthetic ice is 10.7m x 2m, but don't be fooled - it acts like real, slippery ice! It's the perfect surface for sliding your rocks towards the house for a win. There are a total of eight rocks that you can divvy up into teams, or use solo to hone your skills.

Already the curling sheet at Confluence Plaza has played host to some legendary match-ups. Most recently, some students from Langevin School in Bridgeland were exploring the island, and stopped by to channel their inner Kevin Martin.

So lean in to winter's frozen embrace, and come curl at the island! Curling will be open daily from 9am-7pm until the end of March, but we'll also be hosting some fun curling events over the next few months. Join us on Saturday, January 21 from 2-4pm for music and hot drinks. Trust us - it's going to 'rock'.

To access Confluence Plaza, you can walk or bike from East Village or Bridgeland via the George C. King Bridge. You can also drive to the island via Baines Bridge off Memorial Drive east.

You'll be ready for the Scotties or Brier in no time!