Best Job Ever

EV Master Developer is looking for a Resident Ambassador. It just may be the best job in the city.

So here’s the deal.

You’re an urban explorer – a lover of the downtown scene – the vitality, the people, the nightlife, the culture, the community, the restaurants – the whole thing.  

You and social media are tight, tight, tight, and you’ve got the followers to prove it.

You’re a storyteller and a chronicler of what’s happening around you.

You may have heard that people are moving into a revitalized East Village later this summer. The Great Move-In of 2015 is a milestone; life in East Village needs to be celebrated and recorded and shared on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, blogs and everywhere else.

You might be just the person to do that.

So what’s a Resident Ambassador?

“Resident” means you get to live in East Village. Rent-free. For a year. Yup. six months in FRAM+Slokker’s FIRST, an 18-storey condominium tower just off RiverWalk™ and steps from the historic Simmons Building, and another six months across the street in Embassy BOSA’s Evolution, which looks out over the Bow River and St. Patrick’s Island. Rub your eyes. It’s true.

“Ambassador” means you share your stories/photos/film of East Village life for the year you’re here. 25 hours a month. Paid.

Are you game? CMLC will be accepting applications for the role of Resident Ambassador until June 30, 2015. In addition to completing the application form each applicant must create a short video demonstrating their credentials as the perfect candidate.

For full application instructions and job requirements, click here