Fast Times

Things happen so quickly in EV that sometimes they’re a blur. But we’ve found that there’s nothing quite like a time-lapse for getting your head around the passage of time and the rapidity of progress. Take a look at this.

The construction of the now-familiar EV landmark Sales and Experience Centre was the result of two smart developers, Embassy BOSA and FRAM+Slokker, coming together with CMLC to create a place where the stories of two separate developments – along with the story of the East Village neighbourhood – could live together.

Once the plan was made, architect James Cheng produced drawings for the building and things happened quickly, as the time-lapse video shows. To create this film of the building of the centre, one photo was taken every 15 minutes from dawn until dusk daily beginning with the groundbreaking in August 2011 until June 2012.

Along the way, the 8,000 sq. ft., $2.4 million space employed 25 local trades; contains three massive models, including a 1:300 replica of the whole of East Village that weighs 3,000 lbs; offers a view screen that accurately highlights views from your eventual condo; and boasts three pieces of custom artwork executed by locals: an 18-foot wide interpretation of the new St. Patrick’s Island bridge, an 8-foot wide mobile and two dizzying handcrafted wooden benches.

To see the steps involved in the creation of the building is to marvel at the feat of engineering that even the simplest building represents; and to see this timelapse, with its ever-changing skies, is to wonder that any of us survive winter at all. Enjoy! Click here to see the video.