A Rocked 'Walk

On a sunny Saturday August 18, the second annual Rock the 'Walk brought food, music and fun to the Bow riverfront.

by EV guest blogger, Anat Gat 

In the shade of the Simmons Building and on the banks of the Bow, crowds of East Village regulars and curious first-timers gathered on RiverWalk Plaza. They were greeted by the smiling faces of Market Collective vendors offering paintings, jewelry, clothes and ceramics, Car2Go reps signing up new members, and Bike-Calgary, which offered free rides on the 19th century version of car-to-go, also known as the penny-farthing bicycle.

Five food trucks from Alley Burger, Modern Jelly Donut, Naaco Trucks, The Blues and Beef Bacon satisfied cravings and clearly, some people had come especially for the food trucks, while others stayed because of them. As the sun got higher, a delicious urban perfume of doughnuts, hamburgers, bacon and ice-cream rose from RiverWalk, all stirred by an ever-so-soft breeze off the Bow River.

The main event of Rock the ‘Walk is always the music: Hello Moth started the show with their signature low-fi Casio VL-1 sound, a perfect act to draw the crowd's attention; Lauren Mann and the Fairly Odd Folk got everybody swaying and dancing; and the final act was Reuben and the Dark, who left us all with a taste for more.

The variety of "Rock the Walk II" was manifested in all aspects from vendors, through food and music to the general public; some came especially to enjoy this event while others were simply enjoying the popular RiverWalk and decided to stop and stay. Everyone agreed that it was a great event and they would, without a doubt, come back!