Helping Hands

East Village volunteers support community residents

The past seven days in Calgary have shown the resiliency and determination of our great city and no place is this spirit more evident than in East Village, where community business, residents and neighbours have come together to help those in need. Due to extensive power outages in the city following the flood, a few of EV's existing residential towers are still working to recover power and repair damaged mechanical systems. 

To provide aid to EV residents who elected to remain in their homes despite power outages, CMLC along with community supporters and volunteers have set up a four-day (June 29-July1) triage centre at the Golden Age Club to provide support services. 

The triage centre is open 10am - 4pm daily and will provide two meal services to EV residents in need. Meals will be served daily at 11am and 3pm. 

The triage centre also provides a communication hub allowing residents to get up-to-date information and internet services to connect to families and friends or to power electronic devices. 

EV's ambassador team will be on hand each day to lend a helping hand along with volunteers from the East Village Neighbourhood Association (EVNA). Every evening movies will be shown in the auditorium until 9pm.

Thank-you to our neighbours, West Canadian, for providing BBQ's and food for the first meal service!