Streets, Solved

The East Village Road Improvement Program is now complete.

As East Village begins to rise, the CMLC team is also celebrating an important milestone that’s been reached at street level – the 35,000th and final square metre of street brick was laid Friday October 25, 2013, at the corner of 7th Avenue SE and the newly-built Riverfront Lane South.

The list of tasks ticked off in six construction seasons and 10 phases of work since development began in 2007 is impressive: roads around nine city blocks were raised up to four feet for floodproofing; utility upgrades for 11,500 new residents were made (in a neighbourhood that barely had phone lines in some places); and the staggering 35,000 square metres of brick were placed to create the generous sidewalks and unique streetscapes that now characterize East Village.

“For the better part of six years, CMLC has been changing the physical landscape of East Village one day at a time,” said CMLC President & CEO Michael Brown. “We’ve added permanent art, we’ve built pedestrian and cyclist pathways, delivered the 4th Street Underpass and today, we are celebrating the conclusion of our roadway improvement program.”

To celebrate, Neil MacKimmie, senior development manager at CMLC, and his team went for a walk and bike ride, then drove their cars around the newly open streets: 5th St. SE from 9th Ave., which now winds around a small park space and meets up with the already-completed Confluence Way and Riverfront Ave; and 7th Ave. SE, which now traverses East Village all the way from the LRT line at 4th St. SE to the already-completed 6th St. SE. alongside the Fort Calgary Lands. Another piece of the street puzzle links 7th Ave. SE to 6th Ave. SE.

The creation of a fully-functional and wonderfully-aesthetic streetscape for East Village residents and visitors is a huge accomplishment. We’re proud of our team, and pleased to invite you to stroll, bike or drive it for yourself.