Non Stop RiverWalk™

Lace up your sneakers, strap on your bike helmet and get ready for RiverWalk Stage 2!

When Stage 2 of RiverWalk is complete, walkers, cyclists and urban explorers of all speeds will be able to stretch their legs along our dedicated river edge pathway all the way from the 9th Avenue Bridge in Inglewood, along the Elbow River toward Stampede Park. That's a whole extra kilometre of award-winning RiverWalk to enjoy, and a critical link between East Village and the rest of the Rivers District.

Calgarians already love RiverWalk in East Village. Hundreds of fresh-air enthusiasts run, stroll and cycle along the popular pathway every day. And no wonder. With separate designated lanes for wheeled and foot traffic, and with strategically-placed benches nestled among swaying ornamental grasses and naturalized riverbank vegetation – not to mention the glass-fronted outlooks for some prime river gazing – RiverWalk is the perfect place to re-energize, relax and contemplate nature.
Year-round programming has turned RiverWalk promenade behind the Simmons Building into a favourite gathering spot for outdoor movie nights and food truck frenzies, vintage markets and yoga classes. With public art installations and major operatic productions gracing the promenade, RiverWalk has also become something of a cultural hub.
Master Developer CMLC believes that if some RiverWalk is great, more RiverWalk is even beneficial to East Village and The Rivers District as a whole. RiverWalk Stage 2 will expand the original pathway – providing even more leg room for pathway enthusiasts – by following the Elbow River from the 9th Avenue Bridge up toward Stampede Park. Inspired by the award-winning vision of renowned landscape architectural firm Moriyama & Teshima and community designers Stantec Consulting – the teams behind the original RiverWalk – Stage 2 will merge seamlessly with the RiverWalk that we all know and love. Stay tuned for more information about upcoming open houses where you can share your ideas on what your RiverWalk will look like. And get ready to go for a walk.