East Village Live and in 3-D!

Get a 3-D, full-colour, full motion eyeful of what East Village will look like when it's all built. It's amazing!

Everywhere you look in East Village, a new way of living downtown in taking shape- there are three cranes in the sky working on condominiums that will welcome new owners next year; the Simmons is being renovated for Phil & Sebastian Coffeemakers, Sidewalk Citizen Bakery and the co-founders of Charcut; St. Patrick's Island is being rejuvenated and a new bridge is growing across the Bow; and more events, activities and festivals than ever will come to RiverWalk™ this summer.  The amount and scale of change is incredible, and you can feel the energy here.

There's so much going on that Master Developer CMLC thought it was time to show Calgarians all the change coming to East Village all at once- inliving colour and in 3-D.  The result, in a four and half-minute video released on January 16, is nothing short of awesome.

The video was made using sophisticated 3-D rendering techniques (a big shout out to RK Visualization for their help) based on plans or ideas envisioned for East Village character areas: Gateway, The Crossing, River's Edge and Parkside.  The skyline of East Village is shown complete, and details and amenities of each neighbourhood are examined up-close.

Spend the next few minutes travelling into the future of the newest, oldest, coolest, warmest neighbourhood in town.  You're going to like it there.

View video.