The Grand RiverWalk's Grand Opening

East Village celebrates RiverWalk with a grand opening celebration July 30th.

RiverWalk has been Calgary’s best-kept secret. But after our grand opening on July 30th, our urban promenade will be the talk of the town and the new favourite meeting place for joggers, walkers, bikers, bladers and the baby-in-stroller set.

Since last November, when finishing touches were put on RiverWalk Phase I between 3rd Street SE and the Simmons Building, some Calgarians – mostly of the hale and hearty sort – have discovered the pleasures of EV’s amazing urban promenade, with its observation decks over the Bow River and big basalt steps that offer toe-dipping access to the Bow river. RiverWalk has to be seen, walked, biked or bladed to be believed, but if the weather has kept you away, now you, too, can make RiverWalk your own. The grand opening includes an afternoon concert in the plaza, plenty to see, and, best of all, it won’t feel like November. Stay tuned for more information! See you there!