St. Patrick’s Island: Green Shoots

After months of public consultation, the draft master plan for St. Patrick’s Island is taking shape. The plan is to be unveiled to the public in March 2011.

Landscape architects have been briefed on the findings of the public consultation and produced plans that would accommodate the features and services that some 5,000 Calgarians expressed desire to enjoy on the island. Important findings from the public consultation include the following:

Avoid Overdevelopment: maintain the natural beauty while adding features to enhance interest and usability;
Provide facilities: there is interest in some development to accommodate users, such as food services and restrooms;
Create a place for all: design should consider user affordability and accessibility for everyone;
Provide water activities and access to the river: create safe multi-season attractions such as swimming and skating;
Make the island unique: explore creative ideas from around the world;
‘Unstructure’ activity: there’s support for the inclusion of entertainment programming and little support for organized sports; strike a balance between active and passive recreation;
Offer entertainment and performance activities: performance venues and art-themed programming are highly desirable;
Build sustainability: design with nature and consider environmentally sustainable solutions;
Interpretive, but not too: include low-key interpretive initiatives, if at all; environmental interpretation is of interest;
Art: mixed support for the inclusion of artworks on the island.