One Giant Leap: RiverWalk Phase 1 Opens

You can now stroll, cycle or gather on the banks of the Bow River in East Village. After three years of planning, consultation and construction, RiverWalk Phase I opened to the public in the fall of 2010, winds along the Bow River from 3rd Street SE to the Simmons Building.

RiverWalk Phase I features a separated promenade and pathway, as well as RiverWalk Plaza, a landmark public space that can accommodate up to 2,000 people for celebrations, festivals and other gatherings. RiverWalk Phase I also boasts public outlooks, outdoor furniture, innovative lighting, washrooms (open for event use only), art installations and terraced steps down to the river made of Basalt. The area has been regenerated with native grasses and shrubs and planted with ash, elm, poplar and birch trees. RiverWalk is designed to reconnect Calgarians to the Bow River and the completion of the first phase marks an important milestone in progress towards the transformation of East Village. “The RiverWalk project is the result of a huge team effort,” says Chris Ollenberger, CMLC President & CEO. “From Calgarians who told us what they wanted to see in this amenity, to the planners, architects and construction crews who executed that vision, it was a monumental effort that has paid off in a remarkable destination. It’s another step towards a more vibrant downtown.” Phase I of RiverWalk is just one section of the larger RiverWalk project. Once completed, RiverWalk will be a four-kilometer pathway that winds along the Bow River linking neighbourhoods from Centre Street all the way to Fort Calgary and eventually along the west bank of the Elbow River to Lindsay Park. Phase II of RiverWalk is already under construction and scheduled for completion in late 2011, with Phase III extending around Fort Calgary to follow.