Here Comes Your Neighbourhood

This is it! In mid-August 2011, construction began on the Experience Centre in East Village, a one-stop sales and information destination.

“With our residential launch just around the corner, the centre is a great place for people to learn more about the vision of the neighbourhood, and to see first-hand what the developers are delivering in terms of residential product and retail services, ” says Susan Veres of CMLC, master developer of East Village. The EV Experience Centre is scheduled to open in February 2012. East Village redevelopment pioneers FRAM+Slokker and Embassy BOSA Inc.will both market their mixed-use residential projects fromthe 8,000 sq. ft. sales and marketing centre in the heart of East Village. Calgary Municipal Land Corporation (CMLC), will tell the East Village story from a central space in the striking building, which is located on the corner of Riverfront Avenue and Confluence Way SE on land earmarked for development by Embassy BOSA Inc. “We can’t wait to present potential buyers with what we have to offer, right down to the kitchen sink,” said Frank Giannone, president of FRAM Building Group. “For the first time, Calgarians will get a detailed look at what the future neighbourhood will look like – and I think they’ll be really impressed.” Situated to take advantage of the views of RiverWalk and the Bow River, the structure is designed by Vancouver-based James Cheng, a world-renowned architect who studied under Arthur Erickson. “This centre is a beautifully designed showpiece,” said Ryan Bosa, president of Embassy Bosa Inc. “James Cheng has captured both the past and the present of East Village in his design, which is reflected in his choice of materials, as well as the way he’s oriented the centre to capitalize on the area’s recreational and natural amenities and complement the partners’ shared space.” The facility is temporary; it’s expected to remain in place until all residential units are sold. At that time, the building materials will be re-purposed. If you’d like more details on the EV Experience Centre opening, Sign up here.