Embassy BOSA Contest Winner Announced

Hello, my name is Evolution

Embassy BOSA Inc. was the first developer to do a land deal in East Village, scooping up a choice property near RiverWalk. Their project, some 700,000 square feet of mixed-use development, will create a whopping 600 residential units in East Village. But what to call it? Embassy BOSA turned to Calgarians for the answer, holding a naming contest for their project and offering a trip for two to New York. There were nearly 200 entries to the contest, and names ranged far and wide. Natalie Bosa, marketing manager for the company, was thrilled with the response. “The feedback we received from Calgarians of all ages was overwhelmingly positive,” she says. “It was a difficult choice." The winner? EVOLUTION, the brainchild of Lyndsey Skidmore, who lives in Calgary's Victoria Park neighborhood. The idea behind the name, according to the winner: “Evolution is a process in which something passes by degrees to a different stage. Calgary is expanding and being developed at an astonishing rate...and I think East Village is about to be THE place to be. There are lots of new condo developments around...but this new building will be the culmination of them all :)”. Evolution will be the ‘umbrella name’ for Embassy BOSA’s 3-building project. One entry, StarPoint, was offered up with a time capsule of East Village. Mr. Lloyd Hamilton, born in 1931, recounted how his serendipitous find of a star-shaped Christmas ornament led to the formation of a club of “Starpointers”, named after shooting stars the boys watched from their clubhouse near the south end of the Langevin Bridge. Think about the starpointers next time you’re on RiverWalk, passing under the Langevin Bridge – which now has its own constellation of LED lights – and marvel at an East Village in evolution. Congratulations to Lyndsey Skidmore!