Deal Number 2! Fram+Slokker Builds EV

EV’s second major land deal, with FRAM+Slokker Real Estate Group of Ontario, will bring 730,000 sq. ft. of mixed-use residential development – about 650 condo residences and 70,000 sq. ft of commercial space – to the River’s Edge and Parkside areas of East Village.

“FRAM+Slokker is guided by the highest standards of urban planning, building design and materials,” says FRAM President Frank Giannone. “That’s why East Village and FRAM+Slokker are a great fit.” A family business five generations strong, FRAM+Slokker prides itself on innovation, quality and community-building experience. With a mission to design, develop, and build sustainable communities where ‘people want to be’, the group combines high standards of urban planning, building design and materials, and builds success through attention to quality of place and programming. Developing, building, and managing projects in Greater Toronto, southern Ontario, the United States and Italy, FRAM+Slokker has been developing mixed-use neighbourhoods since 1981.