Beats in the East

Bassbus Rolls into East Village October 22nd from 2-6pm.

It's the hottest way to spend a cool fall afternoon! The final two Saturday's in October, four different artists will fill RiverWalk Plaza with beats on a signature pK sound system.

The BassBus is the brainchild of a group of Calgarians who want to showcase local talent and provide fellow art lovers with a mobile rallying point. The BassBus and its ingenious go-anywhere stage promote arts of all kinds providing an artistic experience and community wherever the city streets can take them.

The Line-up: October 22nd from 2-6pm

-Stirling Agency brings us SMALL TOWN DJ's-

If your ears work, you can't not have fun at a Smalltown DJs gig. That's a scientific fact. Look it up. The Canadian duo's uncanny ability to make crowds feel like schoolkids at recess stems naturally from their focus on maximizing fun for themselves.

'We're just out to consistently have the best time possible,' says Pete Emes, who shares space behind the decks with partner Mike Grimes. This fun maximization philosophy is the unifying force behind the Smalltown's genre-warping club sets, which tend to cover vast musical territory but never veer from the good times vibe.

In their focus on music as a means of letting loose and having fun, Smalltown DJs are like the KISS of dance music. Actually, KISS are too theatrical. They're more like AC/DC. Meets Raffi. At a waterslide park.


Wax Romeo is undoubtedly the world's greatest lover, but when he's done blowing kisses at the mirror, he can be found whipping out evvy choons in the studio, or playing at The Heartbeat every Friday night at the Hifi Club.

Having collected funk and disco records since he was just a yute, it wasn't long till he figured out just how small bits of those records fit nicely on the 16 pads of his MPC 2000xl; and subsequently, how to rearrange those bits of records onto new records of their own.


Audited Beats aka Audit is a consummate party professional. Bringing his "Crazy Juse" to each and every show he plays (and there have been a lot of them); he masterfully translates his eclectic taste in music to the audience with honed skills and party rockin’ beats.


Bitchin’ is Kenzie Clarke and Mama Miche: best friends since ‘04, licensed unicorn trainers, accomplished wearers of wild outfits, and the reigning Queens of Beats n’ Bass in North America. Since their fateful meeting at a Valentine’s Day party—Miche in a mullet and silk pajamas, Kenzie as the sorceress—the two have been relentless in their quest for global dance floor domination. The Bitchin’ strategy is simple: dropping an endless onslaught of fun and funky bass-bombs on party people’s heads.