We Got the Beats!

BassBus rolls up to East Village this Saturday October 29th with another awesome lineup.

DJ Rips, G Man, KousK, Lo Defintion Crew. bring their genre-busting sounds to RiverWalk from 2-6 p.m. Saturday. Here’s what to listen for.

2-3pm - DJ Rips
3-4pm - G Man
4-5pm - KousK

KousK aims to reconnect humanity with love and nature through music that’s organic, experimental and open to all genres, styles, sounds and ideas. “It is an adventure through a never-ending landscape of sound,” says KousK, “from ethereal dancing flutes to growling pumas to heavy basslines.”


5-6pm - Lo Definition Crew

Lo.Definition is an audio-video project that started in 2008 as an idea to incorporate visual media into a traditional DJ show. As the idea took shape and rallied like-minded artists, our initial seed has grown into an group committed to pushing the creative envelope. Members are constantly evolving the experience, adding new elements and trying to increase the interactivity between performers and audience as they build the symbiosis of video and audio.