PechaKucha: Lots to Love

More than 300 people turned out in East Village for the first CMLC-sponsored PechaKucha night, on a “Verge” theme. You won’t believe what happened.

The PechaKucha theme of 20 slides x 20 seconds per slide was right at home in East Village, and an all-star crowd of design fans, hipsters and Parkour athletes showed up to make it extra dynamic.

Ralph Giannone of Giannone Petricone Architects is affiliated with FRAM+Slokker, one of two pioneering developers in East Village. Giannone has done prestigious work around the world, but said he’s blown away with the opportunity to be part of a project of this value – designing a property that’s downtown, on the riverfront, with a strong master plan. “Working on this project in Calgary right now, we feel like we’re surfers,” he told EVE Magazine recently. “We’re out there, and we happened to catch a great wave.”

Calgary shooter George Webber shared photos documenting life in the St. Louis and King Eddy. Webber’s EV past stands in stark contrast with Giannone’s exuberant future of East Village.

And then there was Matthew Talbot-Turner, editor of Breathe Parkour magazine Talbot-Turner talked about how, à la Lululemon manifesto, parkour helps him do one thing that scares him and how his involvement with parkour has been a turning point in his life. And then he did the scariest thing of all: he made his last slide a picture of his girlfriend and then he proposed to her right there in front of everybody! Seriously, you gotta see this. We were on the Verge...of tears!