Under a blazing blue sky, in the presence of a frenzy of food trucks, bobbing orange balloons and a thumpa-thumpa D.J.

The VIP opening of the EV Sales and Experience Centre attracted nearly a thousand VIPs like you. 

Nine hundred and eighty VIPs showed up at the East Village Sales and Experience Centre on Saturday to see what the buzz that’s been building around East Village was all about. By all accounts, they weren’t disappointed. All day long, they munched EV muffins, spent time with the Ambassadors – our resident experts – and toured the sales suites for Evolution and FIRST, the premier residential condominium offerings in East Village.
The main attraction of the sales centre is inevitably the scale model that orients people and gives them the context of the neighbourhood. EV’s model is huge – some 11 feet square. It’s topped by a big, Calderesque mobile and flanked by walls that tell the story of the ‘urban village’ and ‘urban nature’ experience of East Village – EV’s unique location gives residents access to the cityside pleasures of downtown and the relatively pastoral RiverWalk and St. Patrick’s Island.
One young woman thought EV’s location might even be more attractive than the Mission. A couple in bike helmets said they lived in Scenic Acres and had biked in from Bowness. “We’d love to move here and be in the centre of the city,” one said, “and still have the bike paths.” A couple stood in front of the model, studying their chosen condo, admiring everything that was right outside their soon-to-be doors. “And all that green space!” said the young man. Indeed, the model St. Patrick’s Island and Fort Calgary make the model very green in the midst of the new buildings proposed for EV.
One of the East Village Ambassadors said that while she wasn’t a city girl, she could “totally” live in the neighbourhood. “This is an amazing place. There’s never been anything like it in Calgary. I love it here.”
The East Village Sales and Experience Centre will now be open from noon to 6pm every day except Friday and 11-5pm on weekends.
The Grand Opening celebration will be held March 24th, 11 am to 5 pm. 553 Riverfront Avenue SE, two blocks east of City Hall.