Ride On!

Version 2.0 of BIKE YYC has been approved by the deities at the App Store and launches Friday March 2nd. It’s the new way we roll!

Bike season just got a lot closer. Bike YYC 2.0, a free download for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, puts the city’s bike paths in the palm of your hand like never before. It lets you map your location and find designated paths, shared roads and even bike shops – if you feel the sudden urge for an equipment upgrade, or have, say, a flat tire that needs attention. 

"The user community feedback was excellent for the first version of Bike YYC," says app developer Craig LePan of Calgary's FLIPP Advertising. "Top requests were for additional pathways and routing capabilities, both of which have been included in version 2."
Version 2's thousands of kilometres of additional paths work via bike friendly maps from OpenStreetMap.org. A to B routing lets you find your way from 'here' to 'there' using the city's network of pathways. Pathway closures are kept up to date from Calgary.ca and a detailed pathway legend shows specific pathway features including landmarks such as Cycle Parking, Public Toilets, LRT Stations and Bike Shops.
FLIPP has ambitious goals for the app – plans are in the works to extend its reach nationally. "Limited pathway app options exist for outdoor enthusiasts," says FLIPP's Emily McCann. "We're very excited to offer the functionality of this app to major Canadian cities this spring."
Find BIKE YYC 2.0 at the App Store starting Friday, March 2. Continued download free-ness comes thanks to a range of sponsors, including CMLC, master developers of East Village, along with Hopewell Communities, Genstar Developments and Walton Development Management.