PKN 11: It Takes Two

The night belonged to lovers of all sorts, and they packed the Plaza Theatre in Kensington February 14 for a sold-out PechaKucha Night.

 "Two" was a very appropriate theme for the evening. Besides being the most romantic night of the year, it was also the second consecutive Valentine's Day PKN to be hosted in Calgary. “I figured it's Valentine's Day and I would never get a date,” joked Buffy St-Amand of Volunteer Calgary, as she settled into her seat. “So I brought my husband.” Fittingly, two local villages paired up to jointly sponsor the event, East Village – which looked after the evening – and Village Brewery, which handled the beer break.

The PKN format of 20 slides per speaker for 20 seconds each lent itself, as always, to widely divergent approaches to the theme. Ken Lima-Coelho from CBC gave his perspective on the conversation between audience and performer. Cara Anderson, President of Six Minutes Dates, led the audience in a call-and-response rendition of All You Need is Love before presenting old family photos that showcased her professional match-making skills. There were even two sets of presenting pairs, Natalie and Dale who reproduced the 80's with stills from their Depeche Ode project, and Angela Dione and Angel Guerra, the dynamic duo who founded Market Collective.
Pierre Lamielle, the illustrator behind the subversive food stories that frequently pepper the pages of Swerve, brought sexy back (and the house down) with naughty food pairings. Todd Hirsch, Senior Economist with ATB Financial, did not address interest rates or gold prices as we had feared, but instead theorized that life, the universe and everything could be represented with one of two board games, either chess or Ants in the Pants. 
Really, it was anything goes. Not even the appearance of the Great Big 3, that large green symbol from the Three Things for Calgary initiative, seemed out of place propped up in front of the mic on an evening devoted to "Two." Of course, host Cory Mack summed it up best with her quip: "2 is the new <3".  We hearted every minute.

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