Kris Verse

Kris Demeanor, our own poet laureate, devotes his many talents and curiosities to one city. Ours. Lucky us.

Kris Demeanor’s appointment as Calgary’s inaugural poet laureate is being celebrated by every faction of the city's arts community. It’s a good-natured battle of words as theatre, spoken word, and music circles all claim the provocative wordsmith as one of their own. And with good reason. The singer-songwriter, a self-described “art slut,” is a veritable Venn diagram of Calgary’s arts scene. If it’s an art form – with the possible exception of mimed unicycle-juggling – Kris Demeanor is doing it.

There is no place he’d rather champion than his home town. “I have always found Calgary to be a really rich and inspiring place to be a writer and artist,” Demeanor stated outside Council Chambers following the March 19th announcement of his appointment. “It's a wild and wacky place of contradictions and mix of people, a place that I have never found lacking for amazing characters and rich stories.”
Demeanor claims that, for the purposes of conducting research for his position, he’ll “hang out in bars and steal fragments of people’s conversations.” Personally, we recommend RiverWalk as a healthy alternative and a great place for overheard conversations. We're looking forward to being immortalized in verse that you can tap your toes to. And yes, you can quote us on that.