Coming Soon. Very Soon!

The countdown is very much on in East Village.

In some 60 days, the East Village Experience Centre opens in the heart of East Village on the corner of Confluence Way and 5th Ave. S.E., and sales will begin on the first two residential projects, FIRST, from FRAM+Slokker, and Evolution, by Embassy BOSA.

These mixed-use residential buildings will change the face of East Village, which has already seen new streets, street furniture and street lamps installed, along with, of course, two phases of RiverWalk and the 4th St. Underpass. – both of which reconnect East Village to Centre City. 
The strikingly modern centre is a sales and information hub about all things East Village. You’ll be able to see the whole neighbourhood – at 1:300 scale! – on a big floor model designed by Calgary’s Replicate Designs, see an enormous Calder-esque mobile by local industrial designer Greg Ball and get a feel for the life, both man-made and natural, of the unique urban village that is East Village. Another good thing – the centre has been designed to be easily dismantled and the parts recycled into another use.

Come stroll RiverWalk and take a look at the construction on the growing Experience Centre; new signage is up, and most of the work has moved to the inside. And if you’re looking for other ways to enjoy East Village right now, check out 100 Days 100 Ways – every day between now and the day the Experience Centre opens, we offer ways to take in the variety of art, nature and culture offered by the neighbours of East Village. 

It’s an exciting time. We love watching as the proud neighbourhood where Calgary was founded re-introduces itself to centre city, and a new generation of Calgarians joins the long-standing residents of East Village.