Welcome Zoey!

We are excited to welcome Zoey Duncan, who will be documenting her experiences as EV’s first Resident Ambassador over the next year. As a journalist, Zoey is accustomed to tracking down stories, and in her new role as EV’s social media storyteller, there will be no shortage of tales to tell. Today heralds the kick-off of Zoey’s 12 month Resident Ambassador gig as she moves into FRAM+Slokker’s ‘FIRST’. But settling into her digs at a brand new condo is just the beginning.

For those of you who are just tuning in, Calgary Municipal Land Corporation (the master developer of East Village) put out a search to find our first Resident Ambassador – someone who would live the EV lifestyle for one year, rent-free, and become the voice of a new generation in East Village. In a stiff 6-week competition that attracted over 70 creative, engaging local applicants, Zoey was a standout from the get-go with her fun sense of humor, creativity, and passion for social media storytelling.  

So what can you expect from East Village’s Resident Ambassador? Zoey will experience, document, and communicate life as a downtown dweller in East Village. Ever wonder what it would be like to live right along the Bow River? Zoey can tell you all about it. She’ll live in both FIRST and Evolution condominium buildings when she swaps pads halfway through her term on April 1, 2016. With Simmons as her next-door neighbour, you’ll always know when a new culinary masterpiece has been unleashed from the Simmons kitchens. Not to mention that she’ll be just steps away from her backyard playground; the newly reopened St. Patrick’s Island.

At East Village events and celebrations, Zoey will be front of the line, capturing all the action. To welcome Zoey to her new community, she will have her first official EV event this Saturday at the PARKLUXE fashion show a few quick steps from her new front door. And at Fall for East Village on October 10, Zoey will be a guest judge for the 4th annual FEASTY award food truck competition. And that’s just the first two weeks.

You won’t want to miss everything we have in store for Zoey over the next year, so come along for the ride! You can follow her journey on Twitter and Instagram though @zoeywrites and hashtags #evLiving and #evZoey. She’ll also have featured blog posts in EV News, which you can access from evexperience.com

Follow along and discover life in EV as it unfolds for our first Resident Ambassador. And if you see Zoey around EV, make sure you say hi!