Public art

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— It’s really out there

You don’t need to pay admission or head indoors to a gallery to experience art in East Village. A program called Art in the Public Realm has brought permanent art installations to our outdoor spaces, as well as revolving installations that feature temporary artwork by local artists.

Permanent Installations

Julian Opie’s computerized pop art features LED-animated figures continuously strolling through mini street scenes. Promenade, East Village’s first permanent public art installation, reflects the endless flow of the Bow River that it overlooks and the continuous movement of life through East Village.

Calgary artist Ron Moppett’s brightly coloured mosaic wall has transformed Riverfront Lane into an outdoor art gallery. Take a break at a nearby bench while you check out the five massive panels of SAMEWAYBETTER/READER, which illustrate the early days of the area.

Bloom by Michel de Broin is the third permanent art installation in East Village. de Broin was inspired by the natural landscape of St. Patrick's Island and the surrounding urban cityscape. The monumental sculpture of streetlights blossoms at night, softly lighting the island and watching over it.

In the middle of Crossroads plaza is the Wheel of Women, a ground-level installation that celebrates women of influence throughout the city’s history. The large tile circle at the south base of the bridge contains the names of thirty notable Calgarian women and their contributions to our city.

Featured local artist

Katie Green is a visual artist whose practice addresses nature as a crossroad for developing concepts of growth, death, adaptation, cooperation, and perhaps most importantly, our emotional and physical selves.

Graduating with distinction from the University of Calgary's BFA program, Katie's work has recently exhibited in galleries such as Contemporary Calgary (formerly the Museum of Contemporary Art) and The Nickle Gallery. Her burgeoning body of mural work can be seen internationally in Nepal, India, Sri Lanka, Germany, Mexico, and across the United States.

Temporary Installations

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Bridge – By local talent Katie Green, Bridge was completed in summer 2019 as the 4th installation on concrete abutments and buildings along Riverwalk. The mixed-media installation engaged 13 East Village community members – aged 13 to 65, from various backgrounds – in a series of workshops where they each selected a portrait painting, and in collaboration with the artist, transformed it into a personalized mask. Participants were then photographed wearing the masks in spaces around East Village.


Corridor of Connection – Calgarian Michelle Hoogveld explores themes of connectivity, community celebration, sport and gathering in her Corridor of Connection mural at the 4th St SE Underpass. The themes not only depict the story of East Village’s transformation but also the emerging vision for east Victoria Park as Calgary’s Culture and Entertainment District. The artwork enhances the literal connection between the two communities and is an Instagram favourite.

Device to Root Out Evil  Making its return to Calgary on a 5-year loan after travelling the world, Device to Root out Evil is currently home to 5th Street Square. Dennis Oppenheim’s upside-down country church with its steeple thrust into the ground and base raised up high, as if to invite scrutiny from the heavens, is one of the most recognized sculptures in the world.