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New Central Library

Part landmark, part destination, part venue and really big part library, Calgary’s New Central Library will have something for everyone when it opens November 1, 2018. The NCL, designed to be the leading library of the next century, will be a literary cornerstone of East Village. Forward-looking and functional from the ground up, it will serve as a cultural and physical connector that will reunite East Village with the Calgary core.

Students can tap into vast study resources, families will flock to the children’s area, and bibliophiles will relish the books just waiting to be taken down from the shelves. Design fans will marvel at the building's architecture from the inside out; people watchers can sit back with a cup of coffee; and community groups of all kinds will be able to meet in the Community Living Room, the Great Reading Room, or a multitude of other meeting spaces. Add to all that a technology commons, programming for children and teens, and accessibility for everyone regardless of financial or physical means, and you have a civic institution that will inspire Calgarians now and far into the future.

New Central Library: Final Design Details

The NCL project team of Snøhetta of Oslo/New York and Calgary’s own DIALOG are the design superstars who imagined this architecturally stunning library of the future. The building rises over the existing C-Train line into four open, futuristic stories of space that will accommodate the ever-changing needs of Calgarians. The NCL progresses from group and conversation space on the ground floor up to studious space on top.

NCL is counting down the days until opening!
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Construction on the New Central Library began in 2014 with the encapsulation of the LRT line. Once the encapsulation was finished in 2015, vertical construction began. After countless crane lifts and concrete pours, the building's frame was completed in 2017. Now in 2018, only interior construction and finishing, landscaping, and Calgary Public Library's move-in remain before the Grand Opening in November 2018!


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