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New Central Library

The NCL, designed to be the leading library of the next century, will be a literary cornerstone of East Village. Forward-looking and functional from the ground up, it will serve as a cultural and physical connector that will reunite East Village with the Calgary core.

Snøhetta of Oslo/New York and Calgary’s DIALOG have designed an iconic building that will rise over the existing C-Train line into four open, futuristic stories of space that will accommodate the ever-changing needs of Calgarians, from meeting space to quiet space, learning space and a multitude of other uses.

New Central Library: Final Design Details

Books? Yes, and much, much more besides – the NCL will also function as a portal between East Village and downtown, inviting Calgarians to discover their new neighbour, making the morning stroll to work effortless.

LRT Encapsulation 

As the encapsulation of the LRT tracks is completed and construction is underway on the NCL, up until completion in 2018, we will interview the movers and shakers who are bringing this East Village institution to life.

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NCL website

New Central Library: The Vision

The NCL progresses from group and conversation space on the ground floor up to studious space on top.

The NCL project team of Snøhetta of Oslo/New York and Calgary’s own DIALOG are the design icons who are bringing Calgarians the architecturally stunning library of the future that they have been asking for.

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