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Fort Calgary

Fort Calgary is our neighbour to the east, and East Villagers couldn’t be happier to have a unique combination of historical passion and 40 acres of open space on their doorstep – a true luxury in the heart of the city.

You can stroll, picnic or attend the many events that animate the Fort Lands throughout the year, and revisit the fort, a fascinating exhibition of artifacts that tell the story of the birth of city on a treeless prairie.

The Fort Calgary lands have been many things over the years, from a Fort to dilapidated CP rail storage grounds, back to a place that celebrates our origins as a city.

The Fort Calgary Edges is a landscape architecture project that links East Village with Fort Calgary.

Its centrepoint is composed of five RCMP-red sentinels of varying height that honour key figures in the history of the city.

RiverWalk phase 3 extends along the Bow River through Fort Calgary lands 
CMLC website

The addition of the Sentinel and Edges project, the restoration of the former Hudson Bay Company site and the unearthing of the original Fort Calgary footprint are all part of the Fort Calgary Master Plan that will juxtapose the modern era literally on top of a historical building.

When the past meets the future, compelling architecture is born.

The Sentinels - A New Portal for East Village

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