EV's Future-Proof Parkade

East Village is looking ahead with 20/20 vision: a future-forward parkade has been announced to open in the neighbourhood in fall 2020. This isn’t just any old run-of-the-mill parkade, though. The 5-level building has been designed to allow for full structure conversion, and will feature an innovation centre for Calgarians.

For the immediate future, the parkade will service the needs of downtown drivers with over 500 stalls, as well as urban cyclists by providing plenty of bike parking. Visitors of Studio Bell and the New Central Library in particular will be able to make use of the parkade, conveniently located at 9th Ave and 3rd St SE.

But what about down the road, if newer technology like autonomous cars causes a shift in the demand for parking? Project architects Kasian and 5468796 have considered this in their smart design. Thanks to increased floor to ceiling heights that are 1.5 times those of traditional parkades, the building could easily convert into residential or commercial uses.

PLATFORM 1.1.jpg

This unique project is being brought to life through a partnership between EV master developer Calgary Municipal Land Corporation; Calgary Parking Authority; and Platform, a multi-use space for learning, projects, makers and community. The innovation centre will help the city’s best minds and ideas move forward, turning concepts into entrepreneurial opportunities and scaling local businesses into international success stories. Platform will occupy part of the main floor and the entire 2nd floor of the parkade.

It's safe to say that Platform will elevate EV living to another level. The development will provide even more opportunity for urban explorers to live, work and create in the same community. The future of East Village sure is looking bright – and innovative.