Zoey's Top 10 in Evolution

Here are my favourite things so far about living in Embassy Bosa’s Evolution:

  1. The soaker tub: The only thing that can make a hot bath after a roller derby game even better is the heated floors I step out onto.
  2. The gas stove: There’s something about a gas stove that makes cooking dinner a more exciting, special occasion.
  3. The sprawling balcony: My patio is like another room in my condo. Hours of morning sunlight make for a glowing start to the day.
  4. Gardening: Speaking of my balcony, I’ve been inspired to add some lushness to the space, despite my not-green thumb. It’s relaxing, beautifying and great practice for my community garden plot.
  5. The friendly neighbours: My neighbours are so friendly, whether small talk in the elevator, waving from the next balcony over or Instagramming me tips on how to stop setting off the smoke detector while using the gas stove.
  6. The friendly appliances: The dishwasher, fridge, microwave and laundry machines all make the most pleasant chimes when they need me to attend to them. It seems like a little thing, but it keeps the house zen.
  7. The second bedroom: Having space to designate a room for getting work done goes a long way to me getting work done.
  8. The dining area: For me, a house becomes a home when you can share a meal with friends there. From nachos on moving day to a roasted salmon with the fixings, this is a well-fed home.
  9. The view of the action: The view from my condo catches all kinds of happenings on the Riverwalk. During Juno Week I was privy to the red carpet arrivals to parties at the Simmons. I love being tuned into the vibrancy of the neighbourhood.
  10. Helpful concierge: No more missed packages! Our concierge sends me a text message if I have a delivery. It’s the little things.