Resident Ambassador Shortlist Announced

The EV Resident Ambassador Job received over 60 creative, funny, and inspired entries from across Calgary and a shortlist of 20 candidates has been selected to advance to the next stage of the selection process. 

Starting today (July 13) - each shortlist applicant has one week to complete an  EV Challenge from the list below.  Each applicant can select which challenge they want to complete.  At the end of the week (July 19) - a final list of five candidates will advance to the final interview stage.

Here is what you need to know:

1) Shortlisted applicants will receive an email confirmation stating they have been selected, so if that is you - congrats - you've made it this far and really impressed us.

2) Select which challenge you'd like to complete. 

3) Share your challenge via your social media channels using the hashtag #evLiving 

4)You have one week! You can choose to complete your challenge all in one day or over the course of the week. 

CHALLENGES - Choose your own adventure:

1)      Attend an EV event and drive awareness and engagement through your social channels. Use a combination of appropriate hashtags, engagement and video or pictures on channels like Twitter and Instagram.

2)      How would you describe an ideal “day in the life” of an East Village resident? You may choose to use pictures,  write a blog post (max 300 words) or create video to illustrate.

What we are looking for:

1) Creativity - have fun, be safe and explore all EV has to offer. 

2) Connect to EV's community vision - how does your message reinforce the transformation that is taking place in East Village and describe life as a resident of this great community. 


1) Challenges must be completed by Sunday, July 19th at 5pm MTN. Any content created after this deadline will not be considered part of the selection process.

2) There are no 'bonus points' for completing two challenges. 

3) If you chose to include a blog entry, please email it to with the subject line: Ambassador Blog Sample

Shortlist Candidates:

FarLee Mowatt, Rita Michaud, Rina Chong, Ellinoor Stenross, Michael Huynh, Kait Moffatt, Nadine Chyz, Isabella Pacchiano, Izzy Nobre, Bertrand Crislogo, Erica Morgan, Zoey Duncan, Mickey Valenz, Davey Gravy, Melissa, Buzan, Katie Novak, Kimmy Nguyen, Khalil Alomar, Steph Keay, and Garrett McCoy.