PKN 13: Seed

King Edward school flung open its gym doors for another sold-out EV-sponsored PechaKucha night, and the ghosts of gym classes past didn’t scare off the stalwart speakers one bit.

A horticulturalist, a food truck guru, and a visual artist were among the idea planters who interpreted “seed” in vastly different ways on September 28.

According to one civil engineer in the audience, the rapid-fire PKN format of 20 slides for 20 seconds per slide has spread beyond the lecture circuit and into the workplace. “I've adopted that format in all my meetings,” confided a reformed PowerPointer named Peter.

PechaKucha Nights have become so popular in Calgary that free tickets are scooped up within minutes and culture fans ditch work early to secure a premium seat. Some even forego food in order to be first in line. “I have a meatball sub in my purse that I didn't have time to eat,” moaned one hungry ticket holder.

After host Shelley Youngblut challenged us to a drinking game (“Every time I mispronounce PechaKucha, you all drink”), Calgary Historian Laureate Harry Sanders taught us about early Calgary schools. Janine Vangool, publisher of UPPERCASE magazine, told us how listening to a William Shatner CD on repeat during a cross-Canada road trip planted the seed for her most popular exhibition. Fiasco Gelato creator James Boettcher confessed to “ambushing” Mayor Nenshi to pitch his YYC Food Truck idea. When Joni Carroll compared Doors Open YYC to “snooping in somebody's medicine cabinet during a party,” we all nodded in recognition. 

Many cultural elbows rubbed together in the halls of the century-old King Edward school over the weekend. PKN #13 shared the corridors with We Should Know Each Other #100 and with Doors Open YYC Naked. In the playground, a pop-up containR installation from the Fluid Movement Arts Festival drew the curious inside for a glance at ever-evolving performance art. If you missed it in the school yard, you can experience containR on RiverWalk from October 10-21.

And don't miss the next EV-sponsored PKN #14 in November, when the word around the Metropolitan Centre is "invest".