Idea Space

What will the new National Music Centre really be like? At a recent wine and cheese reception, we heard a few hints.

William Haley and Jan Faulker are part of Haley Sharpe Design, a London, England and Toronto-based team of people who make museums, science centres and other attractions unforgettable. Turns out that the new National Music Centre is just their cup of tea. Or, since everyone was wineing and cheesing, its Haley Sharpe’s glass of red.

More musical festival and moveable feast than museum, the building's interiors aim for a visitor experience that is interactive, individual, informal, innovative and inspiring.
Each space of the distinctive building will have a unique look and feel, from the ground floor lobby with cafe and mobile ticketing system – where you can create your personal playlist for the day – to the flexible infrastructure of the sound stages on the middle levels, right up to the lounge encompassing the cloud level. Even the interstitial spaces – those massive vessels that will rise up through each level of the structure – will be playgrounds for light and shadows. Expect art installations to pop up in the most unexpected places. Of course, every space will be music-filled.
In addition to performance spaces, recording studios, and artist-in-residence locales, the new building will also house National Music Centre's impressive and ever-expanding collection. But don't expect this to be your grandpa's music museum. “The collection will focus on big themes, rather than narrower ones like genre, chronology, or geography,” explains Naomi Gratton, NMC's Project Manager, Exhibitions. “This should push people's exploration boundaries and spark new interests.”
As the creative process moves from blue sky territory through sketch books and blue prints, and ultimately into visitor experience, the excitement around the new National Music Centre just keeps building. When we hear more, you’ll be the first to know.