'Walk: Rocked

Mother Nature teased, but in the end proved her love with yet another perfect day for Rock the ’Walk 4 on July 19. Just-right weather, blistering hot tunes, a smorgasbord of artisans, food trucks and friendly meet-ups rounded out the day’s tasty buffet.

It was an afternoon with a little sun, a little cloud, a bit of breeze, and even a few light spatters of rain. Not enough to worry about, though. For the fourth year in a row, Mother Nature showed that she adores Rock the ’Walk.

Three local bands (Beaver Squadron, Meisha and the Spanks, and The HighKicks) kept heads bobbing and hips shaking, while food trucks fuelled the famished. The Fort Calgary end of RiverWalk™ was music central, with garage-rockers Beaver Squadron wasting no time blasting off the afternoon with some blistering tunes. Beside the Simmons building, Waffles & Chix and Braizen food trucks fired up the fryers for an equally brisk start. Evidently many urban explorers worked up an appetite on their way over.

As the covered tables in the centre of RiverWalk filled with lunchers, some, like Johanna, barely had time for bites between greetings to yet another friend. “Rock the ’Walk just sort of attracts certain kinds of people,” she shrugged happily. “It’s a great place to catch up with old friends.”

“I’ve never been down here for Rock the ’Walk before,” admitted one diner, tucking into his fried chicken poutine. “It’s a perfect day – not too hot – and the music is awesome!” His friend looked up from her colourful kale and beet salad: “I’m having the Superfoods Salad, which is just fabulous!” Superfoods Salad was the apparent buzzword of the day along RiverWalk, with some particularly generous diners even offering up tastes of theirs to complete strangers. “Now I sort of wish I hadn’t already eaten,” bemoaned one lucky recipient of a sample. “I may just have to stay for supper as well.”

Fortunately, dancing to hot tunes and browsing the vendor tents lining RiverWalk Plaza was a perfect way to work up an appetite for an early supper. A mix of new and returning vendors enticed curious customers with everything from vintage lamps to custom jewelry to rockabilly frocks. “This is our first time, and we are thrilled that there are so many people down here,” declared the ladies from Blame Betty. “What a great place to spend the day.”

“I love it! I’m really enjoying the music and all the people,” another first-time Rock the ’Walk artisan said. “However, I just saw somebody with a giant bag of mini donuts, so I’m going to have to bring some home for my kids …  if I don’t eat them all first.” Nothing that a little RiverWalk dancing won’t fix.