Words! Music! River! City!

RiverWalk welcomes spoken word by Roberta McDonald.

Mark your calendars for a special evening in East Village on July 5th. Best-selling author, blogger and urban dreamer Roberta McDonald will be presenting four spoken word pieces that explore the themes of love, healing and hope. Mod rocker Ian Doig (the Crescent Heights), Todd Maduke (the Cullls, Big Foot Rocketship) and Heather Setka will provide some catchy fresh tunes.

Stories range from the quiet wisdom of a 90 year old Holocaust survivor, to the death of a dream on a barstool, to finding peace in the choppy water of the Inglewood Pool. Each tale shares an important belief: we are all connected and we all deserve tender attention and recognition.

Soothe your soul and move your body. July 5th at 8pm on RiverWalk. For more details visit: https://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=163332587066862