Tide Turns: seafood market inspires artists

An EV pilot project has turned the former Billingsgate Seafood Market into a creative hub for 21 Calgary artists who are using 14 studios in the long-abandoned building to produce film and videos, write plays, compose music, sculpt, paint, write, create mixed media works, ceramics and performance art.

While the 24,000 square foot market is slated for eventual demolition, the creative use of the building is part of a long-term plan to position arts and culture as an important element of the new East Village. The project is the result of a partnership between CMLC and the Calgary Arts Development Authority (CADA), which is administering the space with two full-time property managers.

“The Seafood Market Studios is a great example of a partnership that’s addressing a growing demand for production, creation and rehearsal space in Calgary,” said Reid Henry, CADA Director of Art Spaces Initiatives. “By bringing art into the heart of East Village through affordable and secure work space, we’re ensuring that professional artists have a place to create and are a significant part of the new vision for the neighbourhood."