Sneak Peek the NMC

Be among the first to see the National Music Centre Design.

East Village will have some of Calgary’s most entertaining landmarks, and foremost among them is The National Music Centre, to be built around the King Eddy Hotel. On June 22 at The Uptown Theatre, you can take a look at advanced drawings for the NMC for yourself, walk through the design with the architect and quiz him on the spectacular plan. The fun starts at 7 p.m.
The NMC is an enormous undertaking and will play a key role in EV’s Crossing neighbourhood.

The centre has received some $75 million in support from municipal, provincial and federal governments in the past year, and design work has progressed substantially since the building was first presented to the public a year ago. That’s when Portland, Oregon’s Allied Works Architecture was awarded the right to design what’s described as “a place that amplifies the love, the sharing and the understanding of music through programs, collections and collaborations across the country.” In other words, the centre will be home to an eclectic collection of instruments, live entertainment, room for lessons and education, and other spaces for musicians from across Canada to make their joyful noise. Plus, the NMC will also be home to The Canadian Music Hall of Fame. There’s never been a building quite like it, so this advance look at the work in progress will be a treat for fans of citymaking, architecture and music alike. The generous and articulate Brad Cloepfil, principal of Allied, will be your guide to what is destined to be a modern Calgary icon. See you there!

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