Go Flow

Yoga. Outdoors. Riverside. Free. July 23rd, 9 am. Grab your mat

There's nothing quite like doing yoga outdoors – especially when that outdoors is the RiverWalk on the banks of the Bow in East Village. The cool breeze off the river, the sound of the current, and the feel of stone beneath your mat amplifies your connection to the universe within and without. It's unforgettable.

Take your practice to the next level with us on the RiverWalk July 23 at 9 am with a 75-minute vinyasa flow class led by instructors from Yoga Passage. A gift to the community from Yoga Passage and East Village.

Classes are free and will be held everyday Saturday from July 23 to August 27. Participants can meet at 8:50am in the RiverWalk plaza directly behind the historic Simmons Building (see map below). In the event of rain, classes will be cancelled.

For more information please contact Taylor at (403) 718-0300.