Shoot Tinys. Win Big.

Time’s running out to photograph tiny villagers and win a big prize of a Canon EOS 7D or a trip to Montréal. Giddyup!

The developers of FIRST, a-soon-to-be 18-story condominium in the River’s Edge area, want to show you a very good time in a great town that’s walkable, cultural, beautiful and thoroughly enjoyable – just like East Village will be. FRAM+Slokker is giving away 3 days and nights at the Hôtel Place d’armes in Montréal and $1,500 spending money to the Calgarian that gets the most Facebook ‘Likes’ for a photo of Tiny Villagers in East Village. (Second prize is the almost-as-awesome Canon EOS 7D.) You’ve got until December 19th to enter, so make it, er, snappy. Here’s what you need to do.

Get yourself a package of Tiny Villagers – they’re available at the Simmons Building in East Village, or at Cafe Rosso, DeVille Coffee Shops and East Village events. Create a scenario for them – there’s lots of hilarious inspiration on the FIRST Facebook page. Take the photo and upload it. Get your friends, your friends’ friends, your mom’s friends and all their friends to ‘Like’ your photo. The most liked pic wins! The leader so far has 475 ‘Likes’, but with 36 entrants to date, you’ve got a good shot at it.

And if you need more motivation, you get a really cool T-shirt just for entering. Stylish black and white, the T-shirts carry a choice of quotes from smart, creative, pioneering types who are a lot like the people who’ll live at FIRST! Check out your future shirt here and take a shot at the big prize. How cool a Christmas present would that big prize be?