Nice Shot!

Imaginations were stoked, (photographic) shots were fired, and when the dust settled and the ‘likes’ were counted, Fanzy Z won the Tiny FIRST Villagers Contest.

Fanzy Z’s image of a group of Tiny Villagers marvelling at a rainbow-coloured array of urban lights earned her a major prize – Z big trip to Montréal, including round-trip economy airfare from Calgary to Montréal, three (3) nights in the super cool Place d’Armes Hôtel & Suites in Old Montréal and $1,500 spending money.

The contest has been running since September to raise awareness of East Village and Fram+Slokker’s soon-to-be-released condominium offering there, named FIRST. The Tiny FIRST Villagers photo that got the most ‘likes’ on Facebook was the winner. Fanzy got an impressive 3,500 ‘likes’.
Contestants shot miniature models of East Village residents in situ, a feat second-prize winner Joke Zantua pulled off with panache, adding his own tiny trees, miniature pups and teeny bike. Joke was rewarded for his efforts – and his 3,400 ‘likes’ – with a snazzy Canon EOS 7D. 
Both Fanzy Z and Joke Zantua will be awarded their prizes at FRAM+Slokker's FIRST Villagers Photo Contest Awards event taking place Wednesday, February 1st at West Restaurant & Bar. In addition, top entrants can look forward to specially made prints of their contest entries. For more details, head to