Centre City Evolves

Downtown dwellers celebrate Calgary's Centre City

The 2011 City Citizen Perception Survey was just released and findings confirm what East Villagers’ experience each day – downtown Calgary is transforming into a vibrant hub for City culture, streetlife and modern urban living.

The study surveyed 10 core neighbourhoods: including Chinatown, Connaught Centre, Downtown, East Victoria Crossing, Eau Claire, Stampede Park, Victoria Crossing Centre, West Connaught, the West End and, of course, EAST VILLAGE. Over 1,000 Calgarians were surveyed to gauge perceptions on the Centre City region. And findings revealed some significant shifts in public opinion.
Notably, visitation to the Centre City has increased, arts and culture attractions are seeing more and more visitors, and recreational facilities are welcoming new faces each month. Our treasured river pathways are becoming important destinations for runners and walkers alike – Hello RiverWalk!
Our Centre City is evolving, in fact, 86 percent of those surveyed felt safety and cleanliness has improved over the last year and more residents report they are very likely to remain living in the Centre City.   A statistic that speaks to the importance of creating vibrant urban communities – something we live and breathe in East Village.
And in case you needed another reason to visit the EV Experience Centre opening March 24th - 95% of respondents say they are proud to live in their neighbourhood – you could be one of them!
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