Art in the Village

If public art is the new town square. EV is about to get some very out-of-the-box squares.

If public art is, indeed, the new town square, East Village is going to have some great new gathering places in the next few years. Master Developer CMLC is purposefully using art as a placemaking tool with initiatives guided by their Art in the Public Realm program. The idea is to make art an integral part of village life: RiverWalk’s bridge abutments, public washrooms and shed will be the canvas for an ongoing series of curated installations (currently home to the 'I am the River' photographic series by local artist, Derek Besant), and CMLC is forming an arts committee that will assist in the selection of future works.

Best of all, significant permanent works by international artists have been commissioned, the first of which will be installed this spring. Two major permanent installations will be delivered this year and next.
“It’s about contributing to the social value of Calgary,” says Yves Trépanier of TrépanierBaer Gallery, who advised on the selection of artists. “The site-specific pieces will be both innovative and inviting and provide opportunities for dialogue and social interaction.”
CMLC is committed to bringing value and vitality to the emerging identity of East Village – and the evolving identity of Calgary – through pieces designed to engage, inspire and delight. And, of course, provoke debate. Says Mike Brown, President and CEO of CMLC, “Expect the unexpected.”
And watch this space for updates on the installation of our first piece.