EV (heart) Volunteers

Sign up to be an EVolunteer. You’ll be front and centre at the best events of the summer.

There’s a full slate of events scheduled for this summer in East Village, and none of them would be as good without you! You and your volunteer muscle, smarts and goodwill are key to making East Village the best place in the city this summer.

Just look what happened when a gang of volunteers helped put together the East Village Spirit Hub for the Calgary Marathon. Sure it was exciting to see the Calgary Marathon wind through East Village for the first time. But for the 60 or so volunteers from CMLC, The Drop-In Centre and Lululemon, the real fun was creating the signage, blowing up orange balloons (aerobic exercise in its own right) motivating messages like ‘Ryan Gosling is at the finish line. Get there first.’ Also ‘Chafe now. Brag Forever.’ ‘Your feet hurt so much because you’re kicking butt.’ And the excellent ‘I got up super early to make this sign.’ Volunteers used every trick in the book to keep runners moving, from the posters to noise makers and non-stop music. CMLC laid on breakfast and lunch for the cheerleaders.

Sign up to become an EVolunteer now at info@evexperience.com and make your summer a whole lot better.