Your NCL, Your Way

When the New Central Library opens in 2018, Calgarians will at last be able to experience an innovative space that's been in the planning stages for years. 

The two-year public engagement process that was incorporated into the library’s plans referenced input from over 20,000 Calgarians about what they want from their new bibliotheca. Part landmark, part destination, part venue and really big part library, Calgary’s New Central Library will have something for everybody.

While you are waiting to take your first step through the door of the stunning new library, check out this video that gives you a taste of what it will be like to actually use the NCL? After all, it’s never too early to start planning that first trip.

There’s an experience for students, who can tap into vast study resources and enjoy plenty of elbow room for project work and families that can flock to the children’s area where youngsters can learn how to learn. And, of course, bibliophiles will relish the books just waiting to be taken down from the shelves. But design fans can also marvel at the inspiring spaces and quality of light; people watchers can sit back with a cup of coffee and enjoy the flow of life through the building; and community groups of all kinds will be able to meet in a multitude of theatres, meeting rooms or in the grand reading room at the pinnacle of the library. Add to that a technology commons, programming for children and teens, and accessibility for all regardless of financial or physical means, and you have a civic institution that will inspire Calgarians now and far into the future.

Construction of your NCL is right on schedule, with encapsulation of the existing LRT line currently underway. By mid-2015, the rising and curving C-train line will be completely sheathed in a concrete tunnel, creating a base on which the library can be built. When the building throws open its doors in 2018, patrons will be able to sit comfortably in the library’s café and spot trains as they emerge from that tunnel.

Once encapsulation is complete, the CMLC development team will entertain tenders for the above-ground work on the library project – the foundation, the structure and exterior cladding, the interior construction and the landscaping. Curious to see Snøhetta and DIALOG’s innovative design take shape before your very eyes? Follow the progress of the New Central Library on CMLC’s construction cam, where images are updated every ten minutes.

How will you experience your New Central Library?